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Actual Alarms: 8/9/13, 8/12/13, 8/18/13


Friday, August 9, 2013, Local School

At 19:37, the monitoring center received an alarm from the gym door and called one of the RP's.  The RP said not to dispatch and he would go check it out.  At 19:41 the monitoring center started receiving Gym Motion alarms and called the RP back.  He said it wasn't him and said she could go ahead and dispatch the police.  The RP met the police and called back a little bit later to say that the police had found a door open and kids playing basketball in the gym.  The police and the RP had a talk with the kids and sent them on their way.

Monday, August 12, 2013, Local School

At 00:44, the monitoring center received Dressing Area Motion and Main Floor SW Motion alarms.  She called one of the RP's and he said to go ahead and dispatch police and he would meet the police in 15-20 minutes.  At 00:56 the monitoring center received Basement Motion alarms, so she called dispatch back to see if it was the police. Dispatch said the police were just arriving and were not in the building yet. The RP called back about an hour later and said the police had 2 men in custody; apparently the men had walked around a corner right into the police!

Sunday, August 18, 2013, Local Business

At 02:05, the monitoring center received alarms from the NE Door, NE Warehouse Motion, SW Warehouse Motion, NW Warehouse Motion & SW Warehouse Motion (multiple activations of each of the motions).  The monitoring center dispatched police and then called and left messages for multiple RP's.  At 02:49 the monitoring center followed up with dispatch and was informed that the police were still on site and had apprehended 3 people, having to chase after one of them.  The monitoring center left messages for both RP's again. One of the RP's called back to say they were weren't able to go to the site but would call dispatch and the site manager to see if there was anything they could do.

A few days later the monitoring center spoke with the RP regarding the break-in and he said they actually apprehended FOUR individuals.


As always, way to go ladies!!!



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Surge Protectors: Protect Your Investments

It's pretty common knowledge these days that you never plug a computer directly into a regular A/C outlet without first plugging it into a surge protector, right? Because who wants to purchase a brand new computer, just to have a power surge fry it completely? Unfortunately, what many people don't think about is all the other electronic devices in their home or business that are also at risk of damage from power surges. Televisions, refrigerators, fax machines and phone systems are just a few examples of devices that are at risk. It is amazing how many items actually need to be protected from an electrical surge!

Now let's think on an even bigger scale. What about the brand new security system you installed in your business? Due to the complicated wiring of security and fire systems, they are more likely to experience power surges than other electronic devices. Did you opt to spend the extra money to plug your system into a surge protector or did you choose to reduce your costs by skipping it completely? If a surge occurred, besides being left without a functioning security/fire system, how much money would you stand to lose in order to repair/replace the system?

What causes power surges? Lightning, problems with the utility company's equipment, large appliances cycling power on and off, faulty wiring, and downed power lines are just a few things that cause power surges.

What is at risk? All items that have a microprocessor are at risk during a power surge.  This includes items like:  computers, air conditioners, fax machines, copiers, printers, televisions, video surveillance systems, refrigerators, security/fire alarm systems, microwaves and telephones.

What are my options? There are a variety of surge protectors you can purchase for your electronic devices. Some are small and ideal for those who travel frequently with their lap tops and others are designed to handle larger equipment such as alarm systems. Depending on what you're trying to protect, the cost can vary quite a bit as well. On average, a surge protector can cost approximately 5-10% of the cost of the equipment you're trying to protect. With that in mind, when budgeting for a multi-million dollar server upgrade, is it worth spending a fraction of the cost to ensure your equipment is protected?

For additional information on what type of surge protectors would be right for your home or business, contact one of our account representatives at (360) 695-5072 to assist you.



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How Safe is Your Neighborhood?

When it comes to purchasing a security system, the common mistake people make is to wait until an attack has happened before they consider a security system. We always suggest our Clients be more proactive about protecting themselves, their home/business and loved ones because you never know when a break-in, vandalism or violent attack may occur.

If you've considered having a system installed in your business/home or more importantly, if you don't feel you need one at all, take a look at the sample map below from the City of Vancouver's website and see the reported crimes from the last 7 days. Then go to the City of Vancouver's website to locate your home/business on the map and see what kind of activity has taken place in the last 3, 7 or 30 days (it's shocking!).

After seeing the results, ask yourself this...How safe is your neighborhood? Don't wait until a break-in has happened before you think about your safety. If you have any questions about having a security system installed in your home/business, please contact us at 360-695-5072 and one of our account representatives can assist in deciding what type of system would be best for you.

You can visit the City of Vancouver's website for additional crime rate details: http://www.cityofvancouver.us/police/page/crime-map








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4th of July Safety

The Fourth of July is a time for family and friends to come together, relax and celebrate the independence and freedoms we are lucky enough to have. The day is usually filled with bbq’s, fun outdoor activities and most fun of all, fireworks! But as fun as lighting fireworks can be, it’s easy to forget that fireworks can also be very dangerous, causing fires, serious burns and other injuries. We want our community to have a fun and safe Fourth of July so we’ve put together a list of Fourth of July Safety Tips that should make it easier to maintain a safe and fire-free environment for all.

1. First of all, make sure fireworks are legal in your area before buying or using them. Stay away from illegal fireworks. They are illegal due to the increased danger involved with certain types of fireworks.

2. Have a fire extinguisher readily available. This way if there was an accidental fire, the fire can be put out quickly. You should also have water buckets and a hose available. This is also important in the case that a fire becomes larger than a small extinguisher can take care of.

3 Never allow young children to play with or ignite fireworks. Always have an adult supervise fireworks activities. Parents don't realize that young children suffer injuries from sparklers. Sparklers burn at temperatures of about 2,000 degrees - hot enough to melt some metals.

4. When you decorate the area that you will be setting off fireworks, it is important to make sure that the decorations are a safe distance from the actual fireworks. Make sure that the area you are lighting fireworks off is also free of bushes, dry grass, trees and other fire hazardous materials.

5. Never place any part of your body directly over a fireworks device when lighting the fuse. Back up to a safe distance immediately after lighting fireworks.

6. Never try to re-light or pick up fireworks that have not ignited fully.

7. Never point or throw fireworks at another person.

8. Light fireworks one at a time, then move back quickly.

9. Never carry fireworks in a pocket or shoot them off in metal or glass containers.

10. When you are disposing of 4th of July decorations and fireworks, make sure that they are completely free of heat and fire. This way there will not be a smoldering fire happening after the party is over. After fireworks complete their burning, douse the spent device with plenty of water from a bucket or hose before discarding it to prevent a trash fire.




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Actual Alarms: 6/13/13, 6/16/13, 6/18/13

Thursday, June 13, 2013


At 07:48 we received an alarm of the Front Door.  Our Monitors called the homeowner on his cell phone, but his phone kept cutting off.  She waited a minute to see if he would call back and when he did not she dispatched the police.  When police arrived at 08:28, we heard them in the house talking about how whoever went in “knew what they were after.” 911 called to get a code to disarm so the siren would stop going off, when they called they mentioned that someone had kicked in the door.  The homeowner was out of town at the time, but was able to get hold of someone to come and secure the door so the police could leave.


Sunday, June 16, 2013

Local Business

At 02:11 we received Window & Door Switches and Motion & Window Bug alarms. The Monitors dispatched the police then called one of the RP’s (Responsible Parties).  The RP went to meet the police.  He called back after he arrived and said that the police had someone in custody and were taking them away.


Sunday, June 16, 2013

Local Business

At 02:15 we received the Gym Motion, Hall Door and Hall Motion.  The Monitors spoke to an RP who said not to dispatch, that she would go check it out and call police if needed.    A few minutes later we received the NW Main Door and another Motion alarm, so the Monitor called the RP back to see if she was at the site yet.  She said yes, the sheriff was there too.  Apparently, the suspect had broken a window to gain access into the building.  While climbing in the window she cut up her arm really bad, so she pulled the fire alarm to receive assistance.  After being treated at the hospital for her arm, she tried to walk away but the police arrested her instead.


Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Local School

At 08:59 we received a General Fire Alarm.  One of our Monitors dispatched the Fire Department while another started calling RP’s.  They were able to reach the RP who said he was on his way.  After further investigation, we discovered the alarm was caused by smoke in a portable classroom where students were making candles.  The school was evacuated while the fire department cleared the smoke from the room.

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