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How Safe is Your Neighborhood?


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How Safe is Your Neighborhood?

When it comes to purchasing a security system, the common mistake people make is to wait until an attack has happened before they consider a security system. We always suggest our Clients be more proactive about protecting themselves, their home/business and loved ones because you never know when a break-in, vandalism or violent attack may occur.

If you've considered having a system installed in your business/home or more importantly, if you don't feel you need one at all, take a look at the sample map below from the City of Vancouver's website and see the reported crimes from the last 7 days. Then go to the City of Vancouver's website to locate your home/business on the map and see what kind of activity has taken place in the last 3, 7 or 30 days (it's shocking!).

After seeing the results, ask yourself this...How safe is your neighborhood? Don't wait until a break-in has happened before you think about your safety. If you have any questions about having a security system installed in your home/business, please contact us at 360-695-5072 and one of our account representatives can assist in deciding what type of system would be best for you.

You can visit the City of Vancouver's website for additional crime rate details: http://www.cityofvancouver.us/police/page/crime-map







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