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Actual Alarms: 8/9/13, 8/12/13, 8/18/13


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Actual Alarms: 8/9/13, 8/12/13, 8/18/13


Friday, August 9, 2013, Local School

At 19:37, the monitoring center received an alarm from the gym door and called one of the RP's.  The RP said not to dispatch and he would go check it out.  At 19:41 the monitoring center started receiving Gym Motion alarms and called the RP back.  He said it wasn't him and said she could go ahead and dispatch the police.  The RP met the police and called back a little bit later to say that the police had found a door open and kids playing basketball in the gym.  The police and the RP had a talk with the kids and sent them on their way.

Monday, August 12, 2013, Local School

At 00:44, the monitoring center received Dressing Area Motion and Main Floor SW Motion alarms.  She called one of the RP's and he said to go ahead and dispatch police and he would meet the police in 15-20 minutes.  At 00:56 the monitoring center received Basement Motion alarms, so she called dispatch back to see if it was the police. Dispatch said the police were just arriving and were not in the building yet. The RP called back about an hour later and said the police had 2 men in custody; apparently the men had walked around a corner right into the police!

Sunday, August 18, 2013, Local Business

At 02:05, the monitoring center received alarms from the NE Door, NE Warehouse Motion, SW Warehouse Motion, NW Warehouse Motion & SW Warehouse Motion (multiple activations of each of the motions).  The monitoring center dispatched police and then called and left messages for multiple RP's.  At 02:49 the monitoring center followed up with dispatch and was informed that the police were still on site and had apprehended 3 people, having to chase after one of them.  The monitoring center left messages for both RP's again. One of the RP's called back to say they were weren't able to go to the site but would call dispatch and the site manager to see if there was anything they could do.

A few days later the monitoring center spoke with the RP regarding the break-in and he said they actually apprehended FOUR individuals.


As always, way to go ladies!!!


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