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NWAFAA’s Fifth Annual Fire Alarm Symposium!

  If you are involved in the fire alarm industry in any sense, including, AHJ's, Architects, Engineers, Contractors, or Sales Professionals, come join Advantage Protection Inc. for the NWAFAA's Fifth Annual Fire Alarm Symposium! This awesome event will… more »


Honeywell Analytics: Now introducing Flame Detection

A market Advantage Protection Inc. relies heavily upon is the monitoring of fire systems, therefore any time one of our main manufacturers acquires another company, it is big news. According to Security Systems News, Honeywell has bought a company called… more »


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The Columbian: Fire Station 6, Back in Action

Peace of mind and security are terms we know well here at Advantage Protection, Inc. So when something as vital to a community as a fire station is forced to close up shop “to save money,” it hits close to home. In the Burton neighborhood of Vancouver, t… more »


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Brinks to Broadview to ADT. What's a dealer to do?

 KEN KIRSCHENBAUM,ESQALARM - SECURITY INDUSTRY LEGAL EMAIL NEWSLETTER  Brinks to Broadview to ADT.  What's a dealer to do?  February 22, 2011        As many of you know the Brinks dealer program changed names after a long run and became Bro… more »

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