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Sales in the Community


We were fortunate enough that the sales team got another chance to display their real talents. Advantage Protection believes in giving back to their community and being a part of something greater. It doesn’t hurt that we get some great marketing material. Brandon Smith, our senior sales rep, keeps and breeds numerous snakes and it just so happens that this month my son and his kindergarten class were studying Snakes! What a great opportunity to give back. On Monday we launched out as a team to Deer Creek Elementary. Ben Anderson (sales rep featured in our blog on 10/05/12), Brandon Smith (senior sales rep featured in our blog on 12/06/12) and I got wiggly, giggly with some 5 and 6 year olds. Thank you to our team for showing that Advantage Protection is more than just a security company. Your time and efforts are so appreciated.

Check out this fun video of our day and like our Facebook Page:








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Actual Alarm: 2/24/13


Break-ins are always scary whether it occurs in your home or business. Unfortunately people tend to wait until they have one before they consider installing a security system. This is precisely what happened with a Client of ours who came to us approximately one year ago after their home was broken into. Back in January of 2012 this Client (who was not a Client at the time) came home to find thousands of dollars’ worth of goods stolen, including their television, guns and cash after a burglar broke into their home through their living room window. Upon receiving the call from the Client inquiring about a security system, we went out to their home ASAP and installed a new system.

Coming back to present time, on February 24, 2013, this exact Client was home, doors locked, lights off and asleep in bed when their alarm went off. Upon receiving the alarm from the front door, our Monitoring Center called the house (as required) to see if everything was ok. The wife answered the phone, letting our Monitors know her husband was on his way downstairs to check it out and found the front door wide open. They were relieved to be able to report that the sound of the alarm scared the burglar away and they elected to check the rest of the house themselves instead of having us dispatch the police. Although no one was caught, the alarm system did what it was supposed to do. It scared the burglar away while alerting the Client of the potential danger. Nothing was stolen and our Clients remained safe.

Even though we hate that our Clients go through the terror of these events, we like to pass along their stories to those out there who are considering having a system installed and especially to those that think they don’t need one as this can happen to anyone and as you can see, it can happen more than once.

We wish you and your family a safe and wonderful weekend!



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Actual Alarms: 1/24/13, 1/27/13, 2/06/13

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Local Apartment Complex

At 02:31 Jenny, one of our monitoring center operators, received a General Fire Alarm from this location and dispatched the fire department.  She spoke to one of the RP’s (responsible parties) who went to meet the fire department.  Upon following up on the situation, we learned that one of the sprinkler pipes had burst and flooded the place.


Sunday, January 27, 2013

Local Business

At 20:24 Elysia received the south Office Glass Break Detector alarm from here.  When there was no answer at the premise, she dispatched the police and then started calling RPs. One of the RP’s said they were on the way to the business site. The RP called back and asked Elysia to cancel the dispatch because he didn’t find anything broken but a huge jar of tartar sauce thrown at the window.  When Elysia called to cancel the dispatch, she was informed that the police had already been there and apprehended someone.


Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Local Business

At 02:32 Jenny received her first activation of the Lobby Motion from this account.  She spoke to one of the RP’s and he said not to dispatch at this time and to call if we received anything else.  When Jenny received the same motion again at 02:48, she called the RP back and he said to go ahead and dispatch.  We started receiving more alarms about 40 minutes later.  Jenny called dispatch back and they confirmed the police were in the building. The RP called to let us know that a window had been broken and a cash register was taken.




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Getting to Know Our Team: Tracy Noble, Controller

Happy New Year! Now that we are officially in 2013 we are spotlighting in February our “Creative Controller”… Tracy Noble. Having been in the accounting world for 15+ years, it was a no brainer when we recruited her for a few special projects based on her experience and knowledge, but we quickly realized how important she would also be on the day to day side of the business. With so many sides to a security and monitoring company, we are lucky to have Tracy keeping this straight.


Q. How long have you been with Advantage Protection?

I just made it to my one year anniversary.

Q. What would you say your favorite responsibility is in your department?

Payroll. It’s the running joke around the office. But it really is my favorite.

Q. Alma Mater?

Portland State University with a Bachelor’s in Business

Q. What about the sales side of the house frustrates the operations side most?

Lack of communication, they assume that we already know things.

Q. What do your duties include here at Advantage Protection?

From day one or now LOL… AR/AP/Billing/Payroll/Everything else that Joe makes up for special projects ;).

Q. What are some of the things you enjoy most about your job and also dislike?

The special projects expand my knowledge base in my industry. Before I came here I had no clue about security or RMR (recurring monthly revenue). There are no windows in my office and I am also a people person so I am pretty secluded.

Q. What are some hobbies you enjoy when you aren’t at work?

Reading books, camping, shopping, and Portland Winter Hawks.

Q. Why do you have a problem with potty humor being brought up at lunch?

It’s just simple etiquette… you don’t talk about that stuff while you are eating LOL.

Q. Did you get the “change” you were looking for the last two elections?

Yes. I am a Democrat and proud of it!

Q. What is your favorite vacation spot?

Maui. The sun, water and scenery are just so relaxing.

Q. What is your favorite movie of all time?

I don’t really have a favorite… I like romantic comedies.




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Actual Alarm: 1/11/13 and 1/13/13

Local Residence

Friday, January 11, 2013

At 13:53, Deena received an activation of Audio, followed by alarms from the Dining Room Glass Break Detector, the Master Bedroom Motion Detector and then the Left Front Double Door.  She could hear audio of someone moving around inside in the house.  Per instructions, she tried to call the premise, but the line was busy. Deena dispatched the police and then started calling RP’s (Responsible Parties).  When Deena was able to hear the police inside the house, she called dispatch back. She was informed that the police had found an open window and upon checking the inside of the house with the K-9 unit had discovered another window was broken. Deena was able to get hold of one of the RP's to go meet the police. We listened to the police inside the house for a couple of hours, it did not sound as if they had found the suspect yet.  Deena found out from speaking with the RP's that the owners of the house had just gone out of town that morning.

Same Local Residence

Sunday, January 13, 2013

At 03:31, Rachel received Audio from the Kitchen followed by Audio from the Dining Room.  The Audio sounded weird to Rachel, like the prying of wood and scratching, so she left a message for the RP, then went ahead and dispatched based on the Audio she was hearing that sounded like the kitchen being rummaged through. Right after dispatching, she began to receive alarms from the Kitchen Motion, Den Motion, Master Bedroom Motion and received more Audio of what sounded like kids talking.  She relayed all the information to dispatch while Lindsay started calling RP’s.  Lindsay spoke to one of the RP's who was going to meet the police at the residence.

While listening to the audio, Rachel was able to hear one of the suspects say “don’t leave me” as they were exiting the house.  She was later able to hear the RP talking on her phone about the police being out with the K-9 unit looking for the suspects.  Apparently, the girl driving the “getaway car” crashed the car into a tree and then took off leaving her purse in the car along with a box of stolen stuff the police think may belong to the homeowners.  The girl’s ID was in her purse and the car belonged to the girl’s parents.

The police said that this residence had the advantage because they have an alarm system.  He said he is working a similar case where the people do not have an alarm system and the burglars can spend as much time as they want in the house & can keep coming back because the owners are in out of town for the winter.

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