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ReadyGuard Touch – Wireless Control Panel


Part of First Alert Professional's family of self-contained wireless controls, ReadyGuard Touch features a bright, full-color touchscreen with graphic icons and intuitive prompts for easier operation, advanced alarm communications features and appealing home automation and control capabilities.

Our Wi-Fi communications module offers the lowest cost alarm communications/remote services solution-saving installation time (no data wire to run) and reducing monthly operating costs. Whether used as back-up or primary, the advanced 4G radio finds the best signal (2G, 3G or 4G) in the area-improving longevity and maximizing installation opportunities. These advanced communications options provide the flexibility needed to service all of their customers, whether they rely on mobile phones, VoIP or POTS lines.

The Z-Wave® connectivity module lets you integrate security, lighting, thermostats and more in one self-contained system providing complete local control at the panel (an optional Wi-Fi enabled wireless AndroidTM tablet keypad is also available). When combining ReadyGuard Touch with Honeywell Total Connect Remote Services, users can control security, thermostats, lighting, locks and more using their smartphones or PCs from anywhere in the world.


  • Vivid, full color graphic touchscreen has tremendous end-user appeal-customers will want to use it all the time to protect their family, home and possessions
  • Push content via Total Connect for weather, traffic and news
  • Easiest interface for end-users yet-intuitive prompts make operation simple
  • Icons and words are large, clear and easy to see-great for family members of all ages
  • Easy programming for installers
  • Simple programming interface:

- Reduces mistakes for new and experienced installers

- Reduces installation costs and installer training time

- Reduces end-user training time and costly, end-user created false alarms

  • Voice prompt zone programming
  • Keystroke radio registration/signal strength display
  • Flash micro for remote code update
  • One on-board hardwired zone
  • Internal RJ31X phone module (optional)
  • Plug-in AC cord and pre-installed battery (optional)




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Actual Alarms: 9/29/12, 10/5/12, 10/13/12, 11/3/12


Wednesday, September 29, 2012

Local Hotel

At 15:48, Christy (one of our monitors) received a fire alarm from a local hotel and dispatched the fire department.  Christy called the premise and spoke with an RP (Responsible Party) who confirmed that they did have a fire in one of the rooms.  Way to go Christy!!



Friday, October 5, 2012

Local Condominium Complex

At 20:28 Trent (one of our monitors) received a General Fire Alarm and a Waterflow Alarm from the 3rd Floor of a local Condominium Complex and dispatched right away.  Dispatch informed him that someone from the premise had called already.  Trent spoke with an RP who said he lives on-site and would walk over there.  The RP called back and said that they had a fire on the patio of a unit on the third floor and the sprinkler put it out.  Good job Trent!



Saturday, October 13, 2012

Local Retail Store

At 23:31 Elysia (one of our monitors) received the East Office Glass Break Detector Alarm of a local retail store.  Per the customer's instructions she called RP's first who said that if we weren't getting any motion detector or door alarms to ignore it.  Elysia relayed to the RP that she heard a really loud crash and could hear cars passing by.  The RP still did not want her to dispatch and asked her to call back if we received something else. Thirty minutes later when Elysia heard male voices along with receiving the East Office Door and East Office Motion Detector alarms, she dispatched police before calling the RP back.  Dispatch informed her that police were on the scene because they found broken glass. She let dispatch know that she had spoken with an RP earlier who had requested that we not dispatch.  Elysia called the RP back and let her know what was going on.  The RP went to meet the police. Good work Elysia!



Saturday, November 3, 2012

Local Retail Store

At 03:51 Lindsay (one of our monitors) received the Front SE Glass Break Detector alarm.  She dispatched police then spoke to an RP who said that he would meet the police there.  Dispatch called back at 04:10 and stated that the front window had been smashed in.  Lindsay called dispatch back at 07:10 to see the results and was told that the officers had spotted wet footprints but the criminals were gone before they got there.



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Happy Halloween 2012!

Tonight is Halloween and we all know what that means...Costumes, Candy and lots of Trick-or-Treaters! With all the fun and excitement that goes along with this day, it can be easy for children and adults to get distracted and forget to be careful. Some of the most common accidents are from falls and pedestrian/car crashes. Here at Advantage Protection, Inc. your safety is our top priority, so we’ve listed a few things we can all do to ensure a fun and safe Halloween.

Costumes Picking out the most stylish costume is important to everyone, however we have to keep in mind that costumes can be a safety issue.

  • Make sure costumes are made with light colored materials or have strips of reflective tape to make sure your child can be seen at night.
  • Tripping and falling is extremely common, so be sure the costumes are a safe length to avoid those type of accidents.
  • Masks are a lot of fun to wear, however they can also get in the way of a child’s vision. So instead, use non-toxic make up as the finishing touch to your child’s costume.

Trick-or-Treating- Going door-to-door collecting candy is lots of fun for the children, so as adults it’s our responsibility to always be on the look-out.

  • Drivers need to be extra attentive on Halloween as it’s very common for youngsters to walk or run across the street, not paying attention to the vehicles on the road.
  • Before letting your children begin their trick-or-treating, make sure a grown up or a responsible young adult will be with them at all times.
  • Instruct your child to only approach houses belonging to well-known neighbors and most importantly to never enter someone else’s home.

Candy – Candy is what Halloween is all about for most children and it’s important that you’re aware of what your child is eating.

  • Make sure your children wait until they get home before treating themselves to any of the candy they’ve collected.
  • Be sure to thoroughly check the bag of goodies your kids bring home and be on the look-out for unwrapped or suspicious looking treats.

We hope these tips will help make sure you have a fun, but safe Halloween.



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Sales in the Community


Every so often our sales team gets a chance to display their real talents…and that isn’t limited to just closing deals. Advantage Protection believes in giving back to their community and being a part of something greater. It doesn’t hurt that we get some great marketing material. Brandon Smith, our senior sales rep, keeps and breeds thousands of tarantulas and it just so happens that in October my son and his kindergarten class was studying spiders. What a great opportunity to give back! So on Monday we launched out as a team to Deer Creek Elementary. Joe Keller (President), Ben Anderson (sales rep featured in our blog on 10/05/12), Brandon Smith and I got wiggly, giggly with some 5 and 6 year olds. Thank you to our team for showing that Advantage Protection is more than just a security company. Your time and efforts are so appreciated.

Check out this fun video of our day: http://deercreek.ttsdschools.org/pages/deer_creek_elementary/Classes/KFBONI/Resources/4835465031224559714/Tarantulas___





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The Columbian: Fire Destroys Sikh Temple

Once again we came across an article from The Columbian describing an unfortunate fire that completely burned a Vancouver commercial building to the ground. Fortunately there were no injuries or fatalities as the building was still under construction and the new owners had yet to move in. However due to the existing fire system having “insufficient fire hydrants” and a “lack of fire sprinklers” in the building, the building was completely destroyed. This is another example as to why it’s so important that our community understands how crucial an up-to-code monitored fire system is.

For more information, visit the following website from The Columbian:


If your home or business is unprotected from the threat of fire, Advantage Protection, Inc. wants you safe, don't wait. Please visit http://www.advproinc.com for more information on a fire system or call 360-695-5072 to schedule an appointment with our highly qualified account representatives.



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