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Actual Alarm: 8/07/12

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Local Business (for security purposes the name has been removed)

At 15:06 Christy received a panic alarm from a local business that we monitor and dispatched the police while Deena started calling RP’s (Responsible Parties). After reaching one of the RP’s, they confirmed that there was a disturbance and they were keeping people apart until deputies arrived. Deena and Christy later followed up with the RP and he said that it had been a drug deal gone bad. A girl had been in the parking lot trying to give marijuana to an individual when another guy came along, stole the marijuana and ran into the office. The girl chased him into the office to get it back. Employees separated them against different walls. While waiting for the police, the guy said he needed to use the bathroom. They took him to the bathroom where he hid the marijuana in a toilet paper roll (unknown to the employees). When police arrived, no one had any marijuana on them so they let them go and all parties left. A little while later the guy who stole the marijuana came back in the office and asked to use the bathroom again. The employees would not let him. The guy continued to hang around the parking lot which made the employees concerned that he was going to try and get back into the building once they were gone. Employees checked the bathroom and found the marijuana in the toilet paper roll and called 911. Police came back and arrested the man.

Great dispatch and great teamwork! Good job Christy and Deena!


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Remote Managed Access Control

When considering an access control system, it is important to understand how you will manage your system. There are two key methods for managing a system:

The first is a remote managed solution from a service provider, generally called a central station. The central station will manage all of your access control needs and as a user, you may have web access to view your data or make minor changes. The benefit is that there is no training involved and with high turnover rates, the person you train to manage the access system may not be there when you need them. The remote managed system is ideal for companies with less than 200 users and under 10 doors of access control.

The second type of system is locally managed. In a locally managed application, you manage all aspects of the system and this may involve additional personnel to manage the security system. In many cases it is the administrative assistant or receptionist. In other cases, the security system will run on a computer in a closet and is never looked at unless there is a new employee or some incident. Locally managed systems can work if you care about monitoring your day-to-day activity and have personnel in place to manage users and any situations that arise.


Consider the advantages:

1.      Easy to use with a higher level of security and no training required

2.      Remotely access data from your web browser

3.      Fully expandable, IT friendly and future proof with no upgrades required


Advantage Protection Inc. has been serving the local business community since 1975. Our own U.L. Listed Central Station is watching over your business 24/7. Contact us today about remote managed access control. You'll be taking an important step in enhancing the security of your business.



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Actual Alarms: 6/22/12, 6/25/12, 6/29/12


Friday, June 22, 2012

Local Vancouver Bank

At 10:00 Friday morning Christy received a Teller Bill Clip alarm from here.  When she called the premise the Teller confirmed there was a problem and continued on to say that they had an unwanted person trying to get into the branch and they had locked the doors.  Christy dispatched police while Deena notified the RP (responsible party).  Great teamwork ladies!!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Local Non-Profit Organization

At 04:53 Monday morning Jenny received an activation of the Window/Door switch.  She called and spoke with the RP and he asked that we not dispatch and he would check it out.  Jenny then received a Window/Motion Alarm and called him back.  She spoke with his wife who said that he was already on his way and she would call her husband and relay the information.  His wife called back and said that he had requested we dispatch.  Jenny dispatched the police and relayed the RP's information.  Dispatch called back a few minutes later and said they have a suspect in custody. Apparently, the guy was on his way to steal a computer and got caught.  Great work Jenny!!

Friday, June 29, 2012

Local Non-Profit Organization

At 05:01 this morning, Jenny received a Window/Door alarm from here.  She spoke to the RP who requested that she dispatch.  The RP called back a little bit later and stated that the police had apprehended a homeless person in the building.  No damage was done to the premise. Great job again Jenny!!



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Monitored Smoke Detectors: We Can't All Live Next to a Fireman

The fact that a fire doubles in size every 30 seconds is something that sticks in my brain every time I hear of someone who decides not to have monitored smoke detectors in their residence or business. Thirty seconds is not a long time, and it does not take long for a fire to get out of control and create a catastrophe. That is exactly why the investment of a monitored smoke detector tied into an existing security system is so valuable. We have all heard the saying, "Where there's smoke, there's fire," well not only have we heard that saying, we here at Advantage Protection Inc. came up with one of our own, "Where there's smoke, we know about it." Unfortunately that only applies when people take the initiative to provide proper protection in their homes, and in this case that is with monitored smoke detectors which give us the ability to know the exact moment smoke is detected and dispatch the appropriate authorities at that moment. The following article from the Columbian shows how lucky a family was considering they did not have monitored smoke detectors:


For not having a monitored smoke detector, this story ended with the best-case scenario situation...no injuries and no fatalities.  But something to keep in mind...what would have happened if there was no off-duty fireman around to rescue the man from the second story? Would he have made it out in time?  The Fire Department had the fire out 10 minutes after the 911 call was made and in that time, the fire still managed to cause thousands of dollars worth of damage. If they had a monitored smoke detector, could we have dispatched the fire department even faster, saving thousands of dollars in damages?

However, the most important question to ask yourself when considering whether or not to have a monitored smoke detector in your home: How confident are you that you'll be this lucky if this happens to you?

For more information on monitored smoke and fire systems, visit www.advproinc.com or call 360-695-5072.



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Electrical Safety: Tips to Avoid Injuries and Fatalities

Almost 1,500 deaths were caused by on-the-job electrical injuries from 2005 to 2011, according to data compiled by the Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI). During that timeframe, there were more than 18,400 non-fatal electrical injuries. Advantage Protection Inc. believes that developing sound habits in the realm of safety is key in reducing accidents in everyday life, and that's why we would like to share an electrical safety checklist developed by ESFI to help stay safe not only this May, but the rest of the year as well. Take a look!

Don't overload outlets: Using a series of adaptors to connect numerous machines or devices to an electrical outlet may result in an overload, power outage, spark or fire. Do not plug more than two devices into one electrical outlet. If multiple devices must be plugged into one outlet, have a licensed electrician evaluate the demands that can be placed on the power source.

Take care with extension cords: If an extension cord must be used, be sure to use an approved (by a national testing laboratory, such as Underwriters Laboratories, or UL) and correctly rated extension cord with the particular appliance and location. Electrical cords and extension cords should not be laid across walkways and work areas, where someone can trip on the cord or damage it. If you do need to place an extension cord in a walkway, use a floor cable cover to protect the cord and prevent people from tripping.

Practice proper unplugging: When unplugging equipment, do not pull on the cord itself, pull by the plug instead. Pulling on the cord could damage the plug as well as the electrical outlet. If wires are exposed, they may cause shock to a person touching them. All electric cords also should be examined on a routine basis for fraying and exposed wiring.

Keep liquids away from electrical devices and outlets: Electrically powered machines may conduct electrical currents to the touch after having liquid spilled on them, which could cause serious electrical shock or even electrocution.

Use caution with space heaters: Although spring is bringing warmer weather for most of the country, some employees will continue to use their space heaters in air conditioned environments. Be sure to keep wires, shoes, clothes, curtains and other potentially combustible materials at least three feet from all heaters. Make sure the space heater has been approved by a national testing laboratory and is in compliance with office and building codes.

Be careful when cleaning: Disconnect electrical devices before cleaning, adjusting or applying cleaning solutions. If a safety panel is removed to clean or repair parts, replace the panel before restoring power, testing the equipment and returning the machine to service. Also be sure that power cords are clear from the path of the vacuum used by evening cleaning crews.

Turn off appliances: Be sure to turn off all appliances at the end of the day, including coffee makers and space heaters. If electrical equipment gives off a strange odor, is unusually warm or malfunctions, promptly disconnect it and call the appropriate maintenance/service personnel.


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