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Protect Your New Home Investment

At Advantage Protection Inc., one thing we understand is the importance of protecting things that are your own. Nobody should have access to your personal belongings and property unless you say so, right? We also understand that purchasing a home is an expensive investment. We are not only discussing the house, but all the existing belongings within the home; do those deserve to be protected? In the United States, almost every 15 seconds, there occurs a theft crime in homes, condos and apartments. Seeing this condition, we would say that a monitored security system designed and installed by a local company is a must!

When deciding the level of detection to have for your home, it is important to understand how a security system works and the layers of security available, which our highly trained sales representatives will go out of their way to make sure you do so. First and foremost, a simple home security system usually consists of a control panel attached to, at the very least, all exterior doors of your home. The control panel will communicate with the monitoring center by various means, most popularly, landline, cell, or radio communication. In the event of a sensor detecting various events like motion, a door/window opening, glass breaking, camera movement, or whatever you have your system designed to recognize, the panel will relay that information back to our UL listed monitoring center, where we will have the ability to contact you or dispatch proper authorities, whichever is necessary.

Ideally, Advantage Protection Inc. suggests placing contact sensors on all exterior windows and doors of your home to maximize the perimeter detection, although we will help design a system to meet exactly what you need and prefer. We also have the ability to add multiple layers to your security system. Whether that be cameras, audio detection, or access control, etc,  some people prefer to secure a fortress, and some prefer to go a little more practical and cost conscious route; whichever gives you the peace of mind you're seeking is what we strive for, as long as it is providing reliable detection.

Another aspect of "security," we are amazed so  few homeowners take advantage of are monitored smoke detectors. Talk about the ability to protect your home and the valuables inside... We see cases where a monitored smoke detector in a home saves thousands of dollars in property damage by notifying us of a fire if nobody is home or the residents are sleeping. In the case of an alarm, we dispatch the fire department immediately to ensure the earliest possible intervention in the event. If we were to suggest one thing to ALWAYS have, it's a monitored smoke detector. They simply save lives.

For more information on protecting your investments, whether that is a new home or business, please visit www.advproinc.com or give us a call at 360-695-5072, to schedule a free consultation.



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Getting to Know Our Team: Jason Keller, Assistant Operations/Product Manager

Now that May, and spring have officially fallen upon us here in the Pacific Northwest, Advantage Protection Inc. is getting back to interviewing various personnel on our team that make us the company we are today. This month we are going to venture over to the operations side of the house and introduce our Assistant Operations and Product Manager, Jason Keller. From getting installations scheduled, to putting together our product lists, Jason is an integral piece of the puzzle here at API and definitely one of the personalities that keep the dull moments, few and far between. Let's get to know him a little better.

Is it difficult to work in a company where your mother is the VP and father is the President? What additional hurdles do you expect that dynamic creates for you? - Absolutely! It creates an environment of really just not wanting to let them down.

Did you always expect to be involved in the family business? - I actually expected not to be, but it's hard to leave a family business when you know no one will do as good of job.

Alma Mater? - WAZZU Pullman

What about the sales side of the house frustrates the operations side most? - Non Standardization of products sold. While we have the background, experience and knowledge, of course, to always get it done...we have to become experts in everything.

What do your duties include here at Advantage Protection? - Honestly, I am fundamentally involved in every aspect of the business on a daily basis from sales, to service, to installs, to programming, to HR issues, to managing our accounts.

What are some of the things you enjoy most about your job and also dislike? The People... and the People.

What are some hobbies you enjoy when you aren't at work? - Hunting, Fishing, Working Out, Exotic Beaches with white sand, Cruises, Coaching & Watching football, Hanging out with friends and most importantly any moment where work can't reach my cell phone (doesn't happen very often).

Can you tell us all one thing about you that no one else knows? Ummmm. No.

I've heard that flexing your arms as much as possible throughout the day aids in muscle growth and muscular endurance; is this the reason your triceps are perpetually flexed? - Whatever!

What do you believe gave you the extent of your knowledge in this industry? I have been in this industry as far back as being in the monitoring center in a crib... Literally. Also, my education offered my ability to grow dramatically, as it likely would in any industry.

What is your favorite vacation spot? - Royal Caribbean's Private Island in Haiti

What is your favorite movie of all time? - Tombstone

What kind of music does Jason listen to? Favorite band/musician? - Pretty much everything.





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Actual Alarms: 3/26/12 and 3/27/12


Monday 3/26/12 02:55

Fargher Lake Store

Alarm monitor Elysia received an Entry Area Glass Break at 02:55. Per the accounts instructions, she called the RP (responsible party), who asked her to dispatch. About 03:30 the RP called back saying that someone had shattered the glass on the front door but did not get inside. Follow up has been scheduled.

Tuesday 3/27/12 01:43

Royal Oaks Country Club

Alarm monitor Jenny received a waterflow alarm from Royal Oaks Country Club and dispatched the fire department then began calling RP's. The RP called us back to say that one of the sprinkler heads broke and they were able to get to it in time.


Great job Elysia & Jenny!!

For information on protecting your home or business from fire and/or break-ins, please visit www.advproinc.com or call (360)695-5072 to speak with one of our knowledgeable account managers.



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NWAFAA’s Fifth Annual Fire Alarm Symposium!


If you are involved in the fire alarm industry in any sense, including, AHJ's, Architects, Engineers, Contractors, or Sales Professionals, come join Advantage Protection Inc. for the NWAFAA's Fifth Annual Fire Alarm Symposium! This awesome event will be held April 10th, 2012 at The Hilton in Vancouver, WA from 8:00am to 4:30pm and will be a stage for many important topics discussed by experienced and informed experts in the fire alarm industry. The topics covered will include:

  • Emergency Communication Systems- speaker: Rodger Reiswig

Mr. Reiswig brings decades of experience from the automatic fire alarm industry, and serves on many industry Board of Directors, Committees, and Councils, including: AFAA, NFPA 72, UL, ULC, ASME, ICC, NEMA, and NSFPE.

  • Changes in NFPA 72 from 2007 to 2010- speaker: Michael Baker

Since 1978, Mr. Baker has been involved in the fire alarm industry from the field as a

technician, to the classroom as an instructor. Mr. Baker is currently training director of the AFAA and serves on NFPA 72 technical committee for initiating devices.

  • Carbon Monoxide Detection- speaker: Richard Roberts

Mr. Roberts has spent over 20 years in fire alarm and security. His experience encompasses installation, sales, and design and commissioning of commercial fire alarm systems. He currently is a committee member for NFPA 720, Carbon Monoxide Detection.

  • Commissioning of Fire Protective Systems- speaker: Rodger Reiswig

The previous four years the NWAFAA has had great participation from local and national vendors and suppliers alike, although this year will be the best yet. The speakers will be keeping us up to date with the changes in the codes and the vendors, including Advantage Protection Inc. will be presenting different solutions to these challenges. Come and see the latest technologies and implementations from us as well other vendors in the fire alarm, monitoring, and emergency communication systems industries.

Advantage Protection Inc. is excited to have the opportunity to showcase our expertise and show the reason we are a leader in the area when it comes to advances in technology in fire alarms and monitoring. For any questions about the upcoming symposium or fire alarm info please visit www.advproinc.com or call (360)695-5072.




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Actual Alarms Received 3/812, 3/9/12, 3/15/12, 3/16/12


Within the last couple weeks, our monitoring center here at Advantage Protection Inc. has been busy! Granted, we never want one of our customers' properties to be broken into, although when it does happen, we can rest assured that the ladies in the monitoring center are going to do their job exceptionally well. Take a look at some of these recent actual dispatches.


First Baptist Church

Thursday, March 8 02:39am


Monitor Jenny received a "Basement Central Motion", "Basement SW Motion" and "Basement SE Hall Motion."  She then immediately spoke to the RP who asked her to disregard. About 20 minutes later Jenny received a call from 911 requesting an RP to respond; a neighbor had called them because they saw the light flipping on and off and they heard the siren going off.  Police apprehended someone who was not supposed to be in the building.    Jenny called the RP back and he went to meet the police.


Green Mountain Golf and Proshop

Friday, March 9 04:03am

Central station monitor Jenny received "Entry Motions" and what sounded like papers being shuffled.  She tried the premise and there was no answer so she dispatched the police.   When Jenny spoke to the RP, he confirmed no one should be in the building and asked her to continue with the dispatch and he went to meet the police.  The RP called back and said it was an actual; one of his employees had left the door unlocked and that is how the person got into the building.  They got away with 2 pairs of shoes but left evidence that they were trying to get a lot more.  They left an empty garbage bag and had chained the customer's fence together.  Thankfully there was not any damage to the premise.


Intrepid Marble & Granite

Thursday, March 15 05:09am

While on duty, monitor Jenny received an activation of the "NW Man Door."  She left a message for the first RP then dispatched the police.  Dispatch called back and requested an RP because they found a door open.  They searched the building and did not find anything amiss.


Unionridge Elementary

Friday, March 16, 2012

Our wonderful and busy monitor Jenny, received a "West Hall Glass Break" with Audio of what sounded like crashing or breaking glass and voices.  She dispatched police right away, and the RP went to meet police.  The RP called back and said that a window had been broken out, which is all the information we have so far. Follow up has been scheduled.

Way to go Jenny!


For information on security or fire monitoring services please call Advantage Protection Inc. at (360)695-5072 or visit http://www.advproinc.com


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